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[AE] AutoEncoder
[AGI] Artificial General Intelligence
[AI] Artificial Intelligence
[ANN] Artificial Neural Network
[API] Application Programming Interface
[ASI] Automatic Seismic Interpretation
[AUC] Area Under Curve
[AVO] Amplitude versus Offset
[BHI] Borehole Imaging
[BN] Batch Normalization
[BSEM] Backscatter Scanning-Electron Microscopy
[CNN] Convolutional Neural Network
[CMYK] Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-blacK
[CPU] Central Processing Unit
[DCGAN] Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Network
[DFN] Discrete Fracture Network
[DIW] Dynamic Image Warping
[DL] Deep Learning
[DNN] Deep Neural Network
[DT] Decision Tree
[DTW] Dynamic Time Warping
[DUC] Danish Underground consortium
[EC] Evolutionary Computing
[ELU] Expenantial Linear Unit
[EM] Expectation-maximization
[EOR] Enhanced Oil Recovery
[FCN] Fully Convolutional Network
[FK] Frequency-Wavenumber
[FLOP] Floating-Point Operations
[FGPA] Field Programmable Gate Array
[FFT] Fast Fourier transform
[FOSS] Free Open Source Software
[GAN] Generative Adversarial Network
[GMM] Gaussian mixture model
[GP] Gaussian Process
[GPR] Ground Penetrating Radar
[GPU] Graphical Processing Unit
[HBR] Hatchell-Bourne-Røste
[HMM] Hidden Markov Model
[HSV] Hue-Saturation-Value
[iid] independent and identically distributed
[KL] Kullback-Leibler
[KNN] k-Nearest Neighbour
[LDDMM] Large Deformation Diffeomorphic Metric Mapping
[LiME] local interpretable model-agnostic explanation
[LReLu] Leaky Rectified Linear Unit
[LSTM] Long Short-Term Memory
[MAE] Mean Absolute Error
[MCMC] Markov Chain Monte Carlo
[ML] Machine Learning
[MLP] Multi-Layer Perceptron
[MSE] Mean Squared Error
[NAS] Neural Architecture Search
[NLP] Natural Language Processing
[NN] Neural Network
[NRMS] Normalized Root Mean Squared Error
[ODE] Ordinary Differential Equation
[PReLU] Parameterized Rectified Linear Unit
[QI] Quantitative Interpretation
[ReLU] Rectified Linear Unit
[RF] Random Forest
[RGB] Red-Green-Blue
[RL] Reinforcement Learning
[RNN] Recurrent Neural Network
[RMM] Random Markov Model
[RMS] Root Mean Squared Error
[ROC] Receiver Operating Characteristic
[SGD] Stochastic Gradient Descent
[SIFT] Scale-Invariant Feature Transform
[SNR] Signal-to-Noise Ratio
[SOM] Self-Organizing Map
[SOTA] state-of-the-art
[SVM] Support Vector Machine
[TF] Tensorflow
[TPU] Tensor Processing Unit
[TPE] Tree of Parzen Estimator
[VAE] Variational AutoEncoder
[VSP] Vertical Seismic Profiling